About us

It was 1963 when Nerio Gregori, only twelve years old at the time, set off from his hometown to Rome, to be trained by one of the most popular plasterers of the capital. He immediately learned how to master the most refined plastering techniques and create architectural elements of great value and artistry. They manufactured cornices, pilaster strips, columns, friezes and capitals for properties of wealthy families, public offices and banks, whose exterior at the time had to communicate severity and liability. A few years later, the experience allowed the former apprentice, who in the meantime had become a Master, to return to San Benedetto Del Tronto, in the Marche region. Being one of the main towns on the Adriatic coast, it was the center a massive urban and commercial growth generating loads of employment opportunities not to be missed. In the early '70s, classic style gave way to modernity and drywall soon replaced artistic plastering. Nerio Gregori sensed the upcoming turnover and was one of the first Italian artisans to investigate new techniques to build dropped ceilings, partition walls and decorations

In the following two decades, he acquired work experience and entrepreneurial education, thanks to several construction sites set up throughout Europe for different customers. It all allowed for a steady and unstoppable growth, common to many other far-sighted entrepreneurs who today are at the core of SMEs that are an essential part of the Italian economy. After starting out as a self-employed artisan, Nerio Gregori managed to establish a small business that ultimately turned into a limited company specialized in drywall installations, interior finishes and suspended ceilings made of mineral fiber, metal and wood. Giorgio Gregori, Nerio’s son, took over the company and turned it into a modern contractor, yet keeping it family-owned. After a massive evolution, now we provide our customers with turnkey services, comprehensive of architectural, structural and plant engineering, implementation of construction works, interior finishing and millworks, without neglecting safety management of construction sites. Gregori interior design is the ideal partner for those customers who want to turn their ideas into reality by working with only one consultant. We promise guaranteed results within the established deadlines and budgeted costs.